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Will the teeth become bruised and stained when the braces are removed?

If you care enough to clean the dental wires during orthodontic treatment, there will be no risk of decays after removal of your wires.

Things called as stains can occur when the patient does not take the necessary oral care and does not pay attention to the cuddles while they have braces during their treatment. Surfaces of the teeth are cleaned before braces are glued to teeth. Acidic and colorful beverages should not be consumed during the treatment. If attention is not paid to this, there may be discoloration of the tooth surface around the braces on the teeth. As a result, teeth start to decay. It is generally believed that this problem is caused by braces and wires when bracces are got off. The case is not so. Teeth are bruised because the oral care is not done well. When braces come out, there is no decay under them.

People with dental wires should pay much more attiention and spend time to brush their teeth. Just brushing your teeth is not enough against rot.

What should be done to avoid dental decay when there are dental wires and braces?

Patients who have orthodontic treatment should follow these tips against decays.

  • A soft-tipped toothbrush (orthodontic toothbrushes)
  • Interface brushes
  • Dental Floss
  • Mouthwash
  • Mouth shower

It is necessary to use all of these together. After each meal, the teeth must be thoroughly brushed and brushing should be done to ensure that food residues do not remain on the dental wires or braces. The interface brush should be used after the mouth has been rinsed. The interface brush is used without toothpaste before going to bed at night. Rinse your mouth again. It is also necessary to use the dental floss once a day. There are dental floss manufactured for dental wires and braces. Oral shower can be used as an alternative. The mouthpiece can reach between the threads and brackets by spraying pressurized water. Mouthwash can be used as a helper, it is never as effective as brushing. Periodic tooth cleaning can help to prevent decay.

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