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What is the difference between Transparent Braces and Transparent Plates?

“Transparent Plates”, which are commonly known as “Transparent Braces” should not be thought as other transparent and aesthetic brackets such as porcelain-ceramic and lingual teeth braces.  One of the most confusing questions about orthodontic treatment is transparent denta bracesl and transparent correction plates (invisalign) because they are both transparent. Brackets and wires are used in transparent dental treatment. Transparent appliances are known as invisible wireless orthodontic treatment transparent correction plates made by taking pattern of your teeth are used.

Transparent plaque treatment

This treatment is the least visible but the most comfortable treatment in transparent dental systems. Therefore, it is known among the people as “wireless orthodontic treatment”. Most of the patients think that they should wear a transparent appliance when they come to the orthodontist. However, this method may not be appropriate for all of them. Transparent plaques can not be used in advanced orthodontic disorders. For example; Treatment planning can be done in combination with both transparent plate treatment and fixed orthodontic treatment for one patient. Although it is often said that it is appropriate for each patient, you can get the healthiest information as a result of your doctor’s examination.

Transparent Plaques (wireless orthodontics, eg AsoAligner, Invisalign) provide an easy and aesthetic solution to patients. Day by day, more orthodontists are applying this method to treat discomfort, tightness, irregularity and positioning disorders in teeth. There are no metal wires and brackets on the transparent plates. These materials, which are one of the most important factors of orthodontic treatment, significantly affect the total price of the treatment so It is recommended that you make a small research before your treatment.

Transparent dental braces’ care does not make much difference with metal dental care. The porcelain or transparent braces are not affected by the coloring food and the cirolor does not change. Those who prefer the invisible transparent dental method will only have to do good oral hygiene.

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