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What is orthodontics? Things to know about dental braces

Orthodontics, commonly known as dental braces, is treatment consisting of the detections of disorders that occur in the face and jaw area and for their compatibility with one’s face.

This article has been written to give general information about orthodontics.

What should be considered before deciding on dental braces treatment?

– If you do not have an orthodontist yet, listen to the recommendations of your friends and dentist.

– We recommend you to get ideas from a few orthodontists. As a matter of fact, you will see the differences between orthodontists’ treatment recommendations. It would be useful if you listen to orthodontists working in this way.

– We advise you to be careful especially in cases involving tooth extraction and jaw surgeon.

– The cost of treatment varies according to the case and the aesthetic product claim. So you should also ask costs from a few various orthodontists.

– If you have social security, you can apply to university hospitals in your area. The difficulties you will face with these institutions are usually the sequence problem that is due to the big number of patients and they only serve on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm.

– It is useful to be suspicous of dentists who give very low prices and to ask whether they are really orthodontist.

– When you are ready to getting your dental braces, prepare yourself to be a part of them and spend about 2 years of your life together.

-On these days on which getting braces is fashionable, When you show your braces enough care and consider the recommendations of your orthodontist, You will be very pleased with the results.

You shouldn’t forget that after getting braces, your face and aesthetic view will be more beatiful. So you shoul always care about your braces from the firs day to the last one.

Hope to live with nice smiles.

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