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What is Mouth mucosa in babies? Mouth mucosa treatment

Mucosas are red bulges around the molar teeth, white bulges in the size of the pin head and Pathognomonic symptom of measles. In the mumps, the mouth of the stenone channel of the parotid gland is seen as an opening in the size of the head of the head, slightly red in the middle of the second molar.

Apart from mucosas, there are other mouth problems and illnesses in babies. Let’s look at them together.

Mouth mucosa treatment, white lesions resembling milk particles in the tongue and palate in the cheek are called thrush. Candida albicans (Monilia) indicates the infection. It is common in newborns. It can also be seen in people using antibiotic for a long time and in severe diseases.

Painful ulcer plaques in the mouth which are red and with white sides are called aphthae. Antibiotics, fungal infections, burning fluids, vitamin deficiencies, agranulocytosis, leukemia lead to intra-oral inflammation. Pigmentation on the cheeks and inside of the lips is seen in Addison’s disease and Peutzjeghers syndrome. In leukemia, petechiae can be seen in bleeding diathesis.

In mucosa treatment for babies, teeth are checked for age. Excessive delay in the emergence of teeth indicates hypothyroidism. Deficiency or excess in the teeth as a family feature is rare. Mouth mucosa treatment no emergences of teeth is a congenital ectodermal disorder, and often accompanied by changes in hair, nails and sweat glands. Rarely, natal teeth can be seen in the newborn. Medicine with tetracycline and iron preparations lead to redness and blackness in the teeth.

The gums are breathing on the anemia. The gingivitis of the gums is deep red, swollen, painful and easy to bite.

 Pyorrhoea alveolaris is an inflammatory condition caused by microorganisms entering the gum and teeth. When the gum is pressed, the pus comes. In lead poisonings, blue strips (lead sulfide) are seen on the free edges of the gums.

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