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Transparent Ceramic Braces

Transparent plaques are known to be transparent teeth braces by the public although they are not so in fact. Because of this reason they are confused with stable dental braces. Porcelain, ceramic types provide a more aesthetic appearance during treatment. So the are also known as transparent brackets. Patients should be careful in their care because they are sensitive.

Ceramic braces are designed to fit into adult life styles. They hide the fact that you have teeth in your mouth. Contrary to traditional ones ceramic braces are made of a composite material that resembles to the glass so they do not prevent your teeth from appearing

This material is created by thinking aesthetic view. When they are cleaned carefully, they do not stain. Rubber tapes holding tin is generally transparent or in white color.

Transparent teeth braces are also made of sapphire and hard transparent plastic which is cheap but is not preffered because of its low quality.

What are the features of transparent ceramic braces?

Their durability has increased with the development of technology in recent years and they are as durable as metal ones.

You should avoid hard and sticky foods in order to avoid damage to them as well as to other types.

It is recommended to use protection with them for those who are engaged in active sports.

Ceramic Braces Cost

We know how important the price is for you. However, since the status of each person is unique, the total treatment price is also variable. It is absolutely necessary to be examined before you can reach a price information exactly. We recommend that you obtain information from a number of orthodontists to determine the treatment needed for you and the treatment plan to determine the price and which orthodontic treatment is right for you.

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