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Tooth extraction for braces

The amount of confusion in the patient’s teeth, the measure taken from the teeth, the patient’s profile, the patient’s facial structure and bone age, and x-ray analyzes are examined.

Only the model analysis is not enough to ensure that the decision of tooth extraction can be given in a healthy way. The result of the model analysis should be combined with the result of the remote x-ray image analysis to determine teeth removal. An orthodontist specialist should maket he right diagnosis.

Why are permanent teeth removed in adults?

In adults a tooth may be removed before your orthodontic treatment begins. Dental extraction is done in order to save space for proper alignment of teeth. For example; Twenty teeth, or any other teeth are buried, if the sieve is overcrowded due to excessive space congestion, if it is decayed or painful, your orthodontist can remove your teeth.

Patients generally do not want their teeth to be pulled out when they hear it because their teeth are healthy. But if there is not enough space to align your teeth permanently the order of theet gets bad again if teeth are nor removed. It affects the result and consequence of your treatment negatively. A tooth removal is not a disadvantage it is an advantage. ou will have a very healthy and well-ordered teeth in time. There will be no gaps at the end of the treatment in any way. It should not be forgotten; There is no need for tooth extraction in every case. Absolutely each tooth is very important, your dentist will give you the expertise whether or not to remove your teeth in the healtiest way.

We hope that you will have a orthodontics treatmen without extraction of any teeth.

Live with your nice smile.

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