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Do you have crooked teeth? Are you plannnig of dental wires for them? If your answer is YES, you need to learn stages of braces.

Stages of Braces Treatment

In general, orthodontic treatment in teeth braces applications consists of two phases. First stage is Active Stage and the second one is Protection Stage. At the first stage,  The fact that the teeth are properly seated and the closing of the teeth is healthy, the teeth juxtaposition is parallel to the lower jaw and upper jaw is considered as the priority. At the second stage, Fasteners are used to hold the teeth in their new position.

Do you have crooked teeth? Are you plannnig of dental wires for them? If your answer is YES, you need to learn stages of braces.

Let’s see the stages of teeth braces in a detailed way:

The first stage, Active Stage:

There are three types of braces: metal, porcelain and plastic braces. Orthodontists generally prefer and advice metal braces. Other brackets are generally preferred due to their aesthetic appearance. Teeth brackets are used to push the tooth in the desired direction by applying pressure from the outside. They usually remain between 1-3 years in on teeth and new settings need to be made when the teeth are replaced and placed in new places.Teeth braces are attached to the teeth with special adhesives. Then a wire called a spring wire is passed through these braces. hus, a route is set for the teeth with the help of these wires. Pain in the teeth may be felt in 2 weeks after the attachment of braces, this is normal.

The second stage; Protection Stage

The most important thing of this stage is fixing usage. Bone and gums need time to stabilize around the teeth. Stabilizing is very important for the teeth to be replaced and to be useful. If fixing treatment is not applied, your teeth which you relocate may change their positions in your mouth. This means that the treatment has cannot work. In other workds protection stage means permanence of treatment. After this state new locations and positions of your teeth is permanent.

The duration of use of these stabilizers depends on the decision of orthodontic and condition of your treatment.

You have read our article about stages of dental braces treatment. We hope that we can give you enough information that you are looking for.

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