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Reasons for Dental Cleaning

Reasons for Dental Cleaning; Good oral care is important not only for appearance but also for general health. Bad oral hygiene causes gum disease, infection, bone loss, heart disease, heart attack and various other dental and medical health problems.

1.Oral Cancer Prevention

it is reported that one person loses their life from oral cancer each hour in the world in the Oral Cancer Association report. During tooth cleaning, all teeth and related tissues can be examined in detail and oral cancer can be diagnosed early. Oral cancers can be treated at high rates when they are diagnosed early.

2.Preventing the Disease

Gum disease is a disease that affects the female gum and jawbone, and is among the leading causes of adult tooth loss. It can be treated when it is diagnosed early. If it is not treated, it can progress and become a more serious gum disease. Regular dental checks, checkups, dental floss once a day and brushing at least twice can prevent gum disease.

3.Conservation of Physical Health

Recent studies have reported that heart attacks and heart diseases are associated with gum disease, and naturally poor oral hygiene. The dental hygiene that is done every 6 months protects the health of the teeth and gums and reduces the risk of possible heart disease and heart attack.

4.Protecting Gums

Protecting your teeth means better chewing activity and a better health. Gum diseases are one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. So, Regular dental checks, checkups, use of dental floss and toothbrushing are important to protect teeth.

5. Early Diagnosis of Dental Problems

Your dentist will be able to diagnose a problem with your teeth early. Early treatment of decays, broken fillings and gingival diseases is easy. When these problems are not treated, treatment options are reduced to channel treatments, gingival surgeons and even tooth extraction.

6. Protection of Oral Health

Your dentist will help you to have good oral hygiene by comparing it with your past dental records and examination for the visual mouth you will be doing. If there is a situation like, you’re brushing your teeth with an inadequate or incorrect toothbrush, your dentist will show you the correct application.


7.Making a Treatment Plan

Your dentist, who determines the problems in your mouth, will offer you special treatment options. You may have information about the planned treatment plan and the amounts of planned treatments


8.Preventing Bad Oral Odor

Dental studies have reported that 85% of dental problems are caused by the persistent mouth odor, also known as halitosis. Good oral hygiene is indispensable in preventing bad breath.  Regular checks and checkups are the best and reliable way to have good oral hygiene.

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