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Mouth, Tooth and Chin Radiology

Initial Inspection and Treatment Planning

A general intra-oral examination of  affected patients is performed first. During this examination:

-The general health status of the patients in terms of medicine and dentistry is questioned. If there are health problems that will affect the treatment process, the necessary precautions are taken and if is necessary, guidance is made or medical consultation is asked

-The necessary radiological examinations of the patients are performed.

– If it is necessary; The patient is referred for medical laboratory tests.

The treatment planning of the patient is established taking into account all examinations and examinations. Through this planning, it is possible to determine which treatment of the patient will be performed in which order and the clinical order will be provided. Treatment planning may involve more than one option. At this stage, non-surgical treatments of oral diseases and systemic diseases that manifest in the mouth are also carried out.


Radiological examinations are an indespensable part of dental treatment planning. Nearly all of the patients who apply for dental treatment require radiological examination.


Some of the radiological examinations performed in the Radiology Unit are:

  • Oral digital radiography (RVG)
  • Panoramic graphy
  • Cephalometric and wrist graphs
  • Other oral radiographs
  • Dental computed tomography (CBCT)

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