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Mouth Care in Adults

How should you use your toothbrush?

Dental brushes vary in size, shape, and lining, stiffness and length of bristles. It is advisable to replace the brush every 4 months on average. With the hard and wrong brushing technique, gum removal, loss of material on the tooth surface and tenderness are formed, and since full cleaning effect can not be achieved, the diseases of the gums and gums can not be prevented. Both teeth and gums should be cleaned with a toothbrush. For this purpose, half of the bristles must be positioned on the tooth surface and the other half on the gingival surface during brushing. Generally, this should be done without applying excessive force to the position, without removing the brush head from the head and following a certain sequence.  it is possible to effectively clean these areas where the bacteria accumulate with tiny round circular movements by simply moving the bristles.

Teeth and gums should be cleaned twice a day (after breakfast and after dinner) by brushing. . Peridontist gum removal may also suggest different brushing methods in different situations, such as post-operative. The battery / power source-operated brush can be recommended as attachment to a natural toothbrush if it can not be effectively brushed with a normal toothbrush.


It is a paste-like material that promotes the mechanical cleaning effect of the toothbrush and polishes it. Tooth and Mouth Care in Adult should be used as much as chickpeas. For various purposes, various contents and features are available. In recent years, attempts have been made to develop plaque, caries, teeth, and tenderness effects by the addition of various ingredients into maculas. The periodontist will recommend the appropriate one according to the case.

Cleaning spaces between teeth

Only the cleaning of the interfaces between the toothbrush and the teeth can not be done at a sufficient level.  Cleanliness of these areas is very important as gingival diseases mainly originate from the gums at the interfaces of the teeth.  That’s why a variety of tools can be placed between the teeth.


Floss Cleans microbial dental plaque and food deposits between teeth and under the gums. There are waxy, mumsuz, menthol, fluoride, chlorhexidized tooth types. Use of the dental floss should be done after brushing. The dental floss is applied by holding the two fingers on their middle fingers and fixing them with two fingers.

In this case, ready-to-use devices containing dental floss fixed on a carrier angled in accordance with the lower and upper jaws can be used.

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