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Jaw Junction Function Disorder

Jaw joint dysfunction is a combination of painful symptoms affecting the jaw joints. The joints are composed of the temporal bone of the skull (mandible-bula) and jaw muscles.


Chewing or disability of chewing, cheeky noise while chewing, dirty jaw, jaw pain, feeling of hitting temples, shoulder pain are some symptoms. It is more comman in women at ages of between 10s and 30s. This situation is not fully understood. It may be caused by jaw muscles problems. Joint problems such as arthritis; Jawbone outline; bone or soft tissue tumors; etc. can also cause problems.

Your doctor or your dentist will examine your face and your chin so that a diagnosis can be made.While doing this, he will pay special attention to the movement of your chin and will investigate any other causes that cause it.

Treatment Methods

Jaw joint pain rarely indicates a serious problem and usually goes away spontaneously. The purpose of the treatment is to find the cause. Take the necessary precautions to detect the stress source causing the tooth creaking. Avoid foods that are difficult to chew or require you to open your mouth too much. Having a diet that includes light meals for a few weeks and checking if it provides a relief can also be a solution.

Painkillers like aspirin help relieve the pain; Hot and humid compress to be made in the “painful” area can reduce muscle spasms. Biogeneration can help in some cases; Some other people benefit from psychotherapy. Dental applications like bite-blockers can help.

If your disease is caused by joint tenderness that is prone to deterioration, your doctor may recommend surgery to correct your jaw structure. Methods such as tooth extraction, tooth alignment, using toothbrush and retaining prostheses are carelessly examined jaw joint dysfunction treatments.

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