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If you are planing to have dental braces, you have a question in your mind. It is “What is the duration of teeth brace treatment?”

How long do I have to wear my braces? What is the duration of teeth braces?

Ceramic braces or other teeth braces treatment duration differs according to patient’s orthodontic problem. It can vary from 8 months to 30 months. The general duration is 18-24 months. The time of treatment may vary depending on the condition of the patient and the differences in the methods to be applied in the treatment. For example; The treatments for serious jaw disorders takes 3 years, while  the process for treatment the ordinary disorders does not exceed 1 year.

Easy movement and displacement of teeth accelerate treatment.  On the contrary, in case of late movement of theeth can be extended the treatment duration considerably. It is an important fact that the more advanced orthodontic and patient co-operation, the greater the percentage of the success of treatment. Some other dental treatment may be necessary such as tooth extraction or jaw surgery. These processes can cause prolongation of your seramic braces treatment. It is highly recommended that you should solve your other dental problems before getting your braces on.

While getting your braces on;

  • Brush your teeth beautifully before coming to the clinic and look at yourself for a long time. Your appearance and your smile will change completely.
  • You are on the unit. The aparey put in your mouth in order to open your mouth can be frustrating but do not worry you’ll get used to it right away. Your teeth will be dried and acidified. The taste of acid is bad. It prepares the tooth surface to hold the braces adhesive to the tooth surface.Some orthodontists may use adhesive that does not require acid.
  • While putting braces on, two types of adhesives are used. These are adhesives hardened with radiations and adhesives hardened with chemicals. Your orthodontist will use which he prefers.
  • Arcs are placed on ceramic braces. If there is something sinking on your cheek, do not hesitate to say it immediately.
  • To attach the arc wire to the braces, wire ligatures or elastic ligatures may be used. Transparent elastic ligatures can be used for adults and colored ones can be used for kids. In fact it depends ot the patients’ choice. If cover braces are used, ligature may not be necessary.
  • You will feel a squeeze when your braces are attached. This pressure is the force to move your teeth. Do not worry, Within 1 week you will feel that this pressure has disappeared.
  • This will take about 45 minutes for each jaw.

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