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How can I learn my child’s tooth brushing habits?

You can find recommendations for your baby and your children in order to get them to brushing teeth habits.

How can I learn my child’s tooth brushing habits?

– Brush your own teeth as your child brushes their teeth,

– Get him some toothbrushes. These brushes should be different colors and with various cartoon characters. Make sure he choose another brush at each time. This choice will increase his motivation to brush his teeth.

– Create a toothbrushing board at home and mark it on the dashboard after each brushing.

– Let him brush his teeth first, then you brush his teeth and let him brush your teeth.

-Place an hourglass in the bath and keep the hour by turning the hourglass in each brush. Approximately 2 minutes of toothbrushing will be enough.

– Do not forget that your baby or your child has no information about tooth decay. Give him sticky sugar, chocolate or biscuits and show him in front of a mirror how they sticks to his teeth. Then tell him to brush his teeth and show him how beautiful, clean and white your teeth are.


Another frequent question for families is concerns about toothpaste use during toothbrushing. Generally babies and children like taste of toothpaste very much and swallow toothpaste during brushing. For this reason, it would be more appropriate to not use toothpaste for toothbrushing in children younger than 2.5 – 3 years old. ut it would not be right to make a generalization on behalf of all children. For this reason, it is the right thing to do if you decide by consulting your pedodontist. Remember that; Fluorous toothpaste that children can swallow too much can cause problems both in terms of their teeth and health. In addition to this, taking your child to a pedodontist after the first milk tooth (6-9 months) will help your child get more detailed information about oral hygiene. At regular dental check-ups to be done later, the children’s dentist’s children will brush their teeth or other children brushing their teeth in the clinical setting will definitely increase their motivation. It should not be forgotten that regular toothbrushing will play a major role in preventing your child’s future dental problems.

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