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How are crooked teeth treated?

Orthodontic treatment is the most commonly used method for correcting distorted and crooked teeth. There is no age for orthodontic treatment in skewed or crooked teeth. If you do not have a skeletal disorder, your crooked, skewed, discrete teeth can be treated. at every age by orthodontic treatment.

It is necessary to apply dental braces in crooked teeth. These may be metal braces, porcelain (transparent) braces, lingual braces, transparent plates, or wireless treatment. In the orthodontic treatment, both the teeth provide movement nd forces that do not damage them move the teeth in the jawbone, without cutting or harming the teeth,
Can be all crooked teeth treated with orthodontics?
Orthodontic treatment may not be applied to each dental impairment. Once your dentist and orthodontist have examined you, they will recommend the most appropriate treatment. He should analyze your situation well and make an assessment accordingly.
What is the difference between orthodontic treatment and other treatments in crooked teeth?
Although the other methods will be short in duration, the difference and advantage of orthodontic treatmen from other applications is that it is a natural treatment method. It is intentional to be natural; the patient’s own teeth are kept in his mouth and aesthetic and functional correction is provided. In other treatments, the teeth may have aesthetically pleasing appearance by applying prosthesis to the teeth, a curtain, a bridge or a coating. owever, these applications can be tooth extraction, teeth can be shaved to cover the outer surface, or laminar coating can be applied to the solid tooth. These methods may seem to be short-lived and appropriate according to orthodontics. But you may have chewing and biting problems in time because you do not have your own teeth. What is important here is that your teeth will become healthy and you will use your own teeth for lifetime.

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