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Do you know how to use tooth floss?

The mouth is a part of the body’s pathways of disease. As a result, regular care is very important in preventing diseases and protecting oral health.
The “toothbrush” is at the head of the products that will help us in this regard. If proper and regular toothbrushing is performed on the rules, the diseases that can occur by decreasing the length of time the bacteria stay on the tooth and mouth flora will be prevented.

How to use tooth floss; Altough tootbrush is the most common used device in order to clean your teeth, it may not be enough for a proper cleaning. So tooth floss is a good alternative for it. Toothfloss is necessary for a detailed cleaning.

The toothbrush can not destroy the whole of the bacteria plaque because it is very difficult to reach spaces between teeth perfectly. How to use tooth floss? There are many accessories for cleaning bacteria in difficult areas.

We can say that the dental floss is functionally positioned in the first order after the brush and the machine.

1.Cut the rope 1.45 cm long (it is recommended that you buy the product manufactured for this purpose from your pharmacy) and wrap a large part of your middle finger. You will wrap the used part of the floss to your other middle finger while you are cleaning your teeth.

2.Hold the rope taut and leave a gap of 2.2,5 cm and place it between your teeth with gentle movements.

3.When the rope reaches the gingival line, lean against the tooth and give it in C shape and place it in the gap between the tooth and the gingiva.Slide it up and down along the side surface of the tooth holding tou touch the teeth. Then

4. lean against the side tooth and repeat the same movement. In this way, the plate is disrupted and the bacteria are removed.

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