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Do I need dental braces before implant?

Do I need dental braces before implant?

Sometimes, in the absence of a dental piece, the implantologist recommends an orthodontic treatment to prepare the space where the implant will be placed.

The absence of a dental piece can generate the following problems:

Greater chewing and therefore greater wear on the side opposite the missing piece.
Mobilization of the teeth adjacent to the space of the missing piece.
Change in the points of contact of the teeth that favor the retention of food and therefore an increased risk of caries.
Difficulty for a correct hygiene, being able to cause clusters of tartar, and end in a periodontitis (inflammation of gums with bone loss).
Diagnostic records (photographs, radiographs, and model studies) will determine the appropriate orthodontic treatment, which may be complete in both arches or partial, only in part of an arch.


The reasons why it may be necessary to resort to orthodontic treatment may be the following:

That the tooth or teeth adjacent to the edentulous space have tilted, causing a lack of space that prevents or hinders access for implant placement.


That the opposing tooth, that is, the tooth of the opposite arch, has moved vertically due to its anoclusion.

Let both circumstances exist.


That it is necessary to create an adequate bone level: Certain tooth movements induced by orthodontic treatment favor the formation of bone and / or gingival tissue, that is, bone and gum.
In addition, in certain severe cases of inclination may be necessary the placement of microimplants, which are small “screws” that are anchored in the bone and serve as support to be able to straighten the teeth.


In this type of treatments, the professionals of Ortodoncis Clinics are in permanent contact with the implantologist. After studying together the patient’s problem, it will be decided if it requires an orthodontic treatment to prepare the space before placing the implant, since once placed the movements of the adjacent teeth are limited.


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