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Do I need dental braces before implant?

Do I need dental braces before implant? Sometimes, in the absence of a dental piece, the implantologist recommends an orthodontic treatment to prepare the space where the implant will be placed. The absence of a dental piece can generate the following problems: Greater chewing and therefore greater wear on the …

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How to get rainbow braces, rainbow Braces prices

Dental Braces are the most important and popular treatment for crooked teeth. If you have crooked teeth, this method may be unavoidable. Many people, especially youn people, are always worried about their new appearances on first days. Because they have wire in their mouth and its appearance is not so …

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First Day with Braces

At the end, you have got your braces on or will have got them on in a short time so you need to learn many things about your braces before wearing them. You may be worried about whether broces will hurt. In order to find out this you can also …

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People with Braces

As you know, we give useful information about crooked teeth treatment, dental braces and teeth care. In this post, we can give some advices for people with braces. The first thing to know for people with braces is how to clean teeth with braces. Because you need to care about …

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